Pollina Corporate Top 10 Pro-Business States

The just released Pollina Corporate/AEDI Top Ten Pro-Business States Report details how well each state has or has not positioned itself to retain and create jobs.  Now in its twelfth edition, the study has become an important tool for corporations to evaluate their current and future U.S. locations.

After 35 years of experience representing corporate clients in selecting sites internationally, Pollina Corporate has observed that current economic development trends are not promising.  There are some bright spots, represented by those states that really understand national, and especially international, competition.  These states are making the effort to keep their existing jobs and to attract new employers.  Our Top 10 Pro-Business States highlights those states that “get it.”

One state stands above all others.  Brent Pollina, President of Park Ridge, Illinois-based Pollina Corporate Real Estate and author of the 2015 study, says Utah continues to be a symbol of economic growth that other states should emulate.

“Once again under Governor Gary Herbert’s leadership, Utah has the distinction of being the most pro-business state in the nation for a fourth year in a row.  In 2005, Utah ranked #23 and by 2012 it ranked #1 moving up in rank 22 places in only seven years,” he explains.  “Utah continues to be a great example of what consistent, focused, and motivated political leadership can accomplish with an understanding of the needs of business and a desire for consistent job creation.”

For 2015, the state of Michigan holds the distinction of not only placing 10th in this year’s ranking but for the second consecutive year is the Most Improved State because of a spectacular 14-position climb in rank from 2013 to 2015.  “These two awards reflect political leadership that is willing to make bold and significant changes to what was once considered one of America’s most troubled economies and is now transforming into a prime example of how to turn a state’s economy and economic fortunes around.”

2015 Top 10 Pro Business Rankings
1 Utah 6 North Dakota
2 Nebraska 7 North Carolina
3 Indiana 8 Wyoming
4 Virginia 9 Missouri
5 Kansas 10 Michigan

The Pollina Corporate Top 10 Pro-Business States study, considered the most comprehensive, unbiased, and unvarnished by the economic development industry, is the “Gold Standard” for evaluating and ranking states based on 32 factors controlled by state government, including taxes, human resources, education, Right-to-Work legislation, energy costs, infrastructure spending, regulatory environment, workers compensation laws, economic incentive programs, and state economic development efforts.


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