Oil-Dri is a leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of products for consumer, industrial and automotive, agricultural, sports fields and fluids purification markets. Oil-Dri’s products provide solutions for living – creating value from sorbent minerals, whether they are protecting crops, purifying food products, raising livestock, caring for pets or making work and play environments safe. Founded in 1941, the company has seven manufacturing facilities in North America and a plant in the United Kingdom.

Oil-Dri engaged Pollina Corporate’s incentive and strategic planning services to assist in an evaluation and benchmarking of Oil-Dri’s North American manufacturing locations. Pollina Corporate performed field studies of Oil-Dri’s individual facilities to identify opportunities for improved efficiency. When Oil-Dri determined that its Mounds, Illinois production facility needed a major renovation in order to grow the business, Pollina worked with state and local leaders to craft an incentive package that enabled Oil-Dri to expand and enhance its processing capabilities.

"Thanks to Pollina Corporate for a job well done. We are constantly facing price competition in our industry, so keeping our production costs low is critical. When gas prices skyrocketed, our Mounds plant had to convert to coal to remain competitive. The incentives you negotiated for us with the State of Illinois and Pulaski County reduced our costs of conversion and allowed us to make other necessary renovations to our facility. We now believe we are in position to grow our business. Your skills at structuring and documenting the deal were of great benefit. Best of all, the engagement was managed so that Pollina took care of the paperwork, allowing us to focus running our business. ”

Jeff Libert
Vice President, Finance
Oil-Dri Corporation of America




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