Eisenmann Corporation is one of the world's leading suppliers for surface finishing systems, material flow automation, environmental technology, and ceramic firing technology. Worldwide, Eisenmann has a total of about 2300 employees, more than half of which are engineers in the fields of planning, project management, design, and control engineering. Upon completion of Eisenmann's new, 165,000 square foot paint and logistics facility in DeKalb, Illinois, it will begin to service the Caterpillar Agricultural Products plant, also located in DeKalb. Pollina Corporate Real Estate, Inc. was engaged to conduct a site search and to conduct negotiations for the property and state and local incentives.

"Caterpillar's suggestion to use Pollina Corporate to assist us with our site search and negotiations of state and local incentives proved to be of great benefit. By asking the right questions, you really understood our business requirements and thereby saved us time in our site search. The incentives you negotiated are of considerable assistance with our overall project development costs. Thank you for a job well done."

Herbert J. Buder
Vice President of Finance
Eisenmann Corporation




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