State Business Climate � Assessments and Best Practices

Picking the best, least cost, pro-business location is often a confusing and complex task for companies. As a result of Pollina Corporate’s extensive history of providing location services to our corporate clients, we have established a format for evaluation of whether a state is considered pro-business. The comparison examines nearly 40 factors relative to states’ efforts to be pro-business. This analysis of state controlled factors is, in our experience, reflective of how most corporate executives view states.

The Pollina Corporate State Business Climate Assessment takes a comprehensive, three-part approach to evaluating and ranking states.  Part I is based on a large array of factors, all controlled by state governments.  This part is called Labor, Taxes and Other Factors.  Part II of the evaluation examines state government-controlled factors based on incentive programs and state economic development departments.  This second part is referred to as Incentives and State Economic Development Agency Factors.  Part III of this analysis is an opinion survey of corporations and local economic development organizations to determine the effectiveness of the state’s economic development efforts.  This part of the study examines how effective the state’s Economic Development Team (governor, legislature, state ED organizations and local economic development organizations) work together to foster revenue and job retention and creation.

Part I – Labor, Taxes and Other Factors
• Human Resources
• Right-To-Work
• Unemployment and Workers Compensation Insurance
• Corporate and Individual Taxes
• State Infrastructure
• Utility Rates
• Quality of Life

Part II – Economic Development Agency Factors
• Quality and Effectiveness of Economic Development Incentives (includes National Best Practices)
• Quality of State Economic Development Organization
• Evaluation of State Economic Development Website
• Marketing Efforts
• Ability to respond to new companies
• Ability to respond to existing companies

Part III – Surveys
• Opinion Surveys of Corporations
• Opinion Surveys of Local Economic Development Groups

Understanding how a state compares to the rest of the nation is an important first step in improving the effectiveness of your state’s ability to create and maintain jobs and the tax revenues that result.  By using the Pollina Corporate State Business Climate Assessment, you will gain insight into how your state compares on a national level.  Since most site selection projects start at the state evaluation level, it is important to understand the state’s strengths and weaknesses.





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