State and Local Incentive Programs � Assessment and Best Practices

When an opportunity to land a project for a new or expanding company knocks on your door, do you have all the tools necessary for a quick and appropriate response?  Does your state, region or community really understand what companies and sight selectors are looking for in a potential location? Why do some locations seem to land all of the projects while others always seem to be overlooked?

Since 1981, Pollina Corporate has worked in 47 states and numerous large and small communities, observing how economic development agencies and the incentive programs they use can determine the success or failure of a project.

It has been our experience that, on a yearly basis, the best prepared state, community, and regional organizations will look at the programs and organizations of their competitors for programs and ideas that work, and then copy and improve these programs.  This constant evaluation and evolution of these programs and organizations keep them competitive and on the cutting edge.  At Pollina Corporate, we deal with these organizations and programs daily, and we know how our corporate clients react to them. We bring a unique insight to the evaluation of incentives in that we are able to evaluate them from the prospective of a potential corporate prospect, and determine the effectiveness or how best to market a program.

At Pollina Corporate, we can prepare a best practices study for your organization that will evaluate the programs of successful state and regional organizations that have been proven to be effective.  Then, using this comparison, we can help your organization develop programs that fit the needs of your organization to meet your goals for business expansion and retention. By looking at what your competitors are doing and viewing the programs from the prospective of a potential employer, your organization can maximize the effect of the programs that your organization can use as tools for business attraction. We can also show you how to overcome shortcomings of your state ED organization and how to maximize their strengths.





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