Site Selection/Location Analysis Services

Location Model

Pollina Corporate site selection/location analysis services are designed to assist companies entering new markets or to better serve existing markets through consolidation, expansion, or divestiture. Through the application of our proprietary 380 - factor location model we can identify the optimum location. The model has been successfully utilized for facilities including headquarters, sales offices, call centers, training facilities, manufacturing and distribution.

Designed to identify the least-cost location, the model considers factors that vary in cost geographically (e.g., labor, transportation, utilities, real estate, taxes), while examining access to markets and materials and the availability of state and local incentives. The model has the unique ability to evaluate both quantitative factors (e.g., labor cost, market access, utility cost) as well as qualitative factors (e.g., quality of life factors, business environment).

The model can, also be used to focus on a single cost element, such as labor cost and the effect alternate locations might have on that element.

Corporate Brokerage vs. Location Analysis

Pollina Corporate conducts location analysis as well as Real Estate Brokerage Services internationally, with in-house experts for both thus providing a seamless process.  There is a significant difference between a site selector/location analyst and a real estate broker.  A real estate broker’s job is to match buyer and seller or lessee and lessor.  A site selector/location analyst can perform complex location analysis, including items such as labor analysis, taxation, utility availability and cost, infrastructure condition, customer and materials access, and transportation cost.  A good site selector/location analyst is also trained in State and Local Financial Incentives Negotiations, real estate acquisition, evaluation, and negotiations. Finding a good real estate broker trained in site selection is rare. 

We can customize a program specific to your needs. Perhaps you location options are restricted to a specific community in which case brokerage services may be all that is required.  If you have more location flexibility you can choose to have Pollina Corporate perform a full or partial location study.   A knowledgeable site selector can analyze all factors to save time, effort, and avoid location mistakes while maximizing government financial incentives.

Types of Projects

Both brokerage and location analysis services can be performed for:

New Facilities, Expansions; Relocations; Consolidations on an international basis for:

Project Process Approach

Development of Project Criteria

  • Establish Project Team, consisting of key company executives and Pollina Corporate location team members.
  • Completion of a Pollina Corporate  project specification questionnaire establishing critical project requirements
  • Logistics integration.
  • Determination of the targeted geographic area to be examined

Location Analysis/Site Selection

  • Completion of a preliminary location analysis comparing a select group of location candidates within the targeted geographic area
  • Visits by Pollina Corporate to fully pre-qualify finalist candidate locations prior to Project Team visit.
  • Submission of Preliminary Location Recommendations to Client  with operating cost analysis
  • Project Team visits pre-qualified location candidate locations
  • Selection of the preferred location candidate, and facility or site for facility construction
  • During field investigations, interviews can be conducted with local human resource managers in similar industries to verify data regarding wages, benefits, availability, reliability and productivity.

Negotiations - Real Estate & Incentives

  • Negotiations of state, local and utility financial incentives
  • Negotiations of lease or site acquisition contract terms
  • Development of Memorandum of Understanding for incentives and real estate
  • Prepare and negotiate an Economic Development Incentives agreement including zoning, and permitting with state, local governments and utility company
  • Prepare and negotiate a lease (including tenant improvements), site purchase agreement, or build-to-suit agreement with a developer to construct and lease a facility

Project Implementation

  • Site due diligence
  • Monitor project and trouble shoot any problems that arise relative to incentives and real estate
  • Incentive Contract Administration (optional service)
  • Pollina Corporate has proven in-house and affiliate teams that can provide single source solutions for project establishments – design, construction, equipment relocation and/or installation, etc.


  • Pollina Corporate will maintain complete confidentiality. This will help to eliminate any problems related to telling state or local officials that they are being eliminated from further consideration as well as keeping news of a possible move from employees until an appropriate announcement is made.





-Leasing and Acquisition
    General Office
    Research & Development
    Warehouse Distribution
-Headquarters Analysis
-Sale/Leaseback Transaction Services


-State & Local Financial Incentive Negotiations
-Site Selection/Location Analysis
    Labor Market Analysis
    Union Activity
-Strategic Planning Services
-Consolidation Analysis (Merger & Acquisitions)
-Workforce Analysis
-Lease Management Services

-State Business Climate – Assessments and Best Practices
-M4 Economic Development Study
-State and Local Incentive Programs – Assessment and Best Practices
-Regional ED Organization Development

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